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EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 08


About the contest

* The contest is open to all young content and multimedia creators and
students, who are under the age of 30 (born after 1.1. 1978).

* Especially encouraged are young professionals and students who have studied or are enrolled in institutions of learning and training in multimedia, located in one of the EU Member States, one of the EFTA states, Croatia, Israel and Turkey.

* The contest is a competition among creative producers and designers whose excellence in the use of multimedia technologies and tools to create digital contents for different new media channels is evaluated, show cased and celebrated.

* Registrants to the contest must hold the intellectual property rights to the
work submitted and be the legal originator of the creative product or project.

* The submitters must possess the rights to the use of music, sound or audio
components used in their project.

* Entries from teams are accepted as long as there is a clear indication of roles in the creative process and rights to the product or project. No more than two
people per team are invited to the Top Talent Festival.

* With the registration contest participants accept the rules of the EUROPRIX
contest. All legal recourse to rules and conditions are excluded. Please note:
Terms and conditions may be subject to change without notice.

The registration procedure

* All registration of project information should be done online. After successful registration participants will receive an ID number which has to be used in all
communication concerning their submission.

* Physical mail submission of copies of product or project is required as well as of all other materials necessary for the jury evaluation process. Special hardware or software necessary for the evaluation of the project must be provided by the submitter. It must be stated clearly in the technical requirements what hard – or software the project requires.

* The registration procedure includes the signing of the release form. With signing the release form the submitter confirms that he is the rightful owners to the necessary rights to submit the project. These rights include the copyright,
right for using pictures, sound or audio components.

* Registration is complete only with the payment of the registration fee. No
product or project will be evaluated without payment. (For further details see
Entry fee)


* The product, project or application and the user interface may be in any official language used in the countries of the contest.

* However, all registration information (such as description of the product, CV’s
of producers) must be in English!

Product Entry

* All entries for the eight categories have to be complete products or

* No drafts, demonstrations or unfinished prototypes are accepted in these

* The submitted product or application must be completed in 2007 or 2008.

* Projects, which have been submitted to the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards in previous years, cannot be submitted again.

* All materials submitted become the property of the contest organisers and will not be returned. Products, projects or applications will be archived and used for promotional and showcasing purposes. Registrants give their explicit consent to this use. However, no commercial use of this archive will be undertaken or
permitted. All copyrights of the product remain untouched.

* The given ID number must be stated on all submitted materials.

Shipping procedure

* All products and registration forms must be received by June 30, 2008 at the following address (both mail and courier service):

* Please write on all dispatches: “No commercial value. For temporary, cultural purposes only.”

* With packages from non EU-member countries, please include a proforma
invoice with a print value less than 22 Euro.

* The costs of submissions have to be covered by the submitting parties. The organisers do not accept mailing or transport costs for any entry. All shipments and customs duty are at the cost of the sender. This also applies to bank charges.

Registration fees have to arrive at their full value!

Multiple submissions

* In case of multiple submissions, each product, project or application requires a separate registration form and shipments and materials must be clearly
marked with the ID Number provided after the online registration.

* An entry fee must be paid for every product, project or application submitted.

Reasons for disqualification

Entries will be disqualified for the following reasons:

* Missing payment of registration fee (deadline is June 30 , 2008).

* Malfunctioning of the product, project or application during the time of the jury evaluation. Submitters are held responsible for the smooth functioning of their products and applications.

* Missing of special hardware or software.

* Non possession of creative rights or infringement of copyrights of others.

* Non possession of the rights for music, sound or audio components.

* False registration information.

* Submissions which do not conform to the rules of the contest guidelines will be disqualified without any notice. There is no legal recourse possible against
this decision.

Category switch

* The jury has the right to switch a product from one category to another, if the category chosen by the producer is recognised as not suitable.

* A category switch is the result of a discussion followed by a vote amongst jury members.

* There is no legal recourse possible against such a decision.

Award and Nominations

* The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards are awarded to the one person or team whose product, project or application is chosen by the independent expert jury as the best in the contest. The winner is chosen from among the category winners. The Award carries a certificate and the right to use the name EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards WINNER. Winners are entitled only the prize as stated on the award certificate. No other legal titles are possible. All registrants have accepted this with their registration.

* Separate awards are given to the persons or teams of the best products, projects or applications in each category according to the decision of the
independent expert jury. They are chosen from among the three nominees. The category awards carry a certificate and the right to use the name EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards CATEGORY WINNER. Category winners are entitled only to the prize as stated on the award certificate. No other legal titles are possible.

* Nominations and Jury Distinctions are given to the persons or teams of the three best products, projects or applications in each category according to the decision of the independent expert jury. They are chosen from among the registrants in the category. The nominations carry a certificate and an invitation and trip to the Top Talent Festival and the right to use the name EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards NOMINEE. The costs for the trip are paid in EURO upon arrival and the amount is fixed and published by the organiser according to the availability of funds. Nominees are entitled only to the costs as stated on the nominee award certificate. No other legal titles are possible.


* 2008 EUROPRIX Top Talent Contest Office
c/o ICNM- International Center for New Media
Moosstraße 43a, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Fon: +43.662.630408
Fax: +43.662.630408.22

Entry fee

* Euro 50 for students and young professionals coming from Austria, Belgium,
Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

* Euro 25 for students and young professionals coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey.

The submission of the project is complete when the entry fee is paid. The entry fee must be paid either via credit card online or through international money
order. Instruct your bank to effect payment by SWIFT directly to:

Account Nr: 01088293
Holder: ICNM – Internationales Centrum für Neue Medien
Raiffeisenverband Salzburg, Bahnhofstrasse 5, A-5700 Zell am See
Bank Code: 35100
IBAN: AT733510000001088293

Please state EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 08 and the given ID-number as reason for payment in order to ensure a fast registration process.