Harvard EVA Minerva Conference 2015


Conference Program

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8-9am                          Breakfast

9-9:30am                    Greetings

Sarah Thomas
Vice President for the Harvard Library and
Roy E. Larsen Librarian of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Harvard University

James Hemsley
Founder of the EVA Conferences, EVA Minerva, London

9:30-11am                   Session 1

Reuven Pinski
Head, Cultural Preservation Office, Israel Prime Minister’s Office, Jerusalem, Israel
Preserving Israeli Cultural Heritage: the Tsiyone Derekh Project

James Shulman
President, Artstor, New York, NY
Building Bridges by Understanding and Respecting Differences

11-11:30am                   Break

11:30am-1pm              Session 2

Sinai Rusinek
Polosnky Post-Doctoral fellow, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem
Hebraica and Judaica Digital Humanities

Dan Cohen
Executive Director, Digital Public Library of America, Boston, MA
How the Digital Public Library of America Brings Together Disparate Special Collections to Create a Seamless Whole

1-2:30pm                      Lunch


Yitzhak Goren
Chairman of the Board, Israel International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv
Mapping Israel’s Cultural Resources: Preservation and Access

2:30-4pm                    Session 3

Dov Winer
Scientific Manager, Judaica Europeana; Minerva Israel / European Association for Jewish Culture, Jerusalem
Europeana and LOD: Enhancing Jewish and Israeli Digital Contents

Lena Stanley-Clamp
Director, European Association for Jewish Culture; Coordinator, Judaica Europeana, London
Working with Europeana: Integrated Access to Digital Collections through Judaica Europeana and AthenaPlus

4-4:30pm                      Break

4:30-6pm Session 4

Caraid O’Brien
Independent Artist, New York, NY
Creating from the Archives: Performing Yiddish Theater in the 21st Century

Moshe Caine
Head of the Department of Interactive Communications, Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel
Another Person’s World: Immersive Digital Storytelling as a means of Mutual Learning and Self Reflection

6-9pm                          Dinner


Tuesday, April 14

8-9am                          Breakfast


9-10:30am                   Session 5

David Hahn
The Official Receiver of Israel, Jerusalem
The Liquidation of the IBA and the Future of the Public Broadcasting in Israel

Susan Hazan
Curator of New Media & Head of Internet Office, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Making Israel Museum Treasures Accessible Online

10:30-11am                   Break

11am-12:30pm                        Session 6

Yaron Tsur
Professor, History Dept., Tel Aviv University; Director and Founder of Historical Jewish Press Online Archive, Tel Aviv
The Historical Jewish Press Website ( Towards a New International Venture: the Polish Project

Roberta Newman
Director of Digital Initiatives, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York
The Vilna Collections Project: Cultural Restitution in the Digital Age

2:30-2pm                      Lunch

2-4pm                                     Session 7

Panel: Preserving Israeli Culture through Photography

Eyal Landesman
Artist, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Israeli Photography Festival, Tel Aviv
A Personal Journey to the Mysteries of the Stage

Yossi Zwecker
Stage Photographer, Tel Aviv
Opera Photography: the Complex Task of Conveying Music in Pictures

Eldad Rafaeli
Artist, Photographer, Art Director, Tel Aviv
Public Space Turned Private /The Social Protest, Israel 2011-2015

4-4:30pm                      Break

4:30-5:30pm               Session 8

Dafnah Levenvirth
Chief Information Officer, Dantec, Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel
International Collaborations in Preserving Visual Art

5:30-6pm                  Concluding remarks

6-9pm                       Dinner


Harvard EVA Minerva Conference 2015

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